Spotted Glass Sculpture ‘Life Cycle 3’ by Steve Frey


Seed Pod


D: 16cm x H: 24cm
8 kg

Spotted Glass Sculpture ‘Life Cycle 3’ by Steve Frey

‘Life Cycle 3’ is a black and white spotted glass sculpture that cleverly defines the beginning of the life cycle in glass form.

Beautifully ‘carved’ and coloured, this piece is both seed and embryo and bursts forth into the world as the pod opens up to the world.

This is an enjoyably thought-provoking piece, that shows both mastery over glass and a rich imagination.

Many of Steve Frey’s ‘Life Cycle’ pieces are available in his section of the gallery. Please click on his name below to see them all.

Spotted Glass Sculpture Artist

Steve Frey glass artist hails from George, in South Africa, but now lives in the south west UK.

His illustrious glass career began at age 16 with a career at Dartington Crystal in Torrington, UK. Starting in 1976, he learned the trade and became proficient in cold-working glass. In total, he served 18 years at the Dartington Glassworks, equipping himself with every technique a master glassmaker needs to go out on their own.

After leaving Dartington, Steve worked self-employed, mainly for other artists, but yearned to sculpt his own cold glass work.

In 2004, Steve set up his own cold glass workshop, where he was able to explore the love of glass he forged at Dartington with complete artistic freedom. He also offered a finishing service for his fellow artists.

Steve has exhibited widely in exhibitions and galleries in the UK and Europe. His glass sculptures have been showcased at the British Glass Biennale, the Royal College of Arts, and Somerset Art Week in the UK, as well as in the Netherlands, Frauenau, Germany, and Burgdorf, Switzerland.

Steve Frey Glass Artist Statement

My work is inspired by human evolution, and our life cycle.

The continuous cutting, which has no beginning and no end, reflects our life cycle, whereby our basic makeup is inherited and passed on through generations. These traits can be recognised generations apart, and are reflected in my sculptures.

I conjure images inspired by femininity, masculinity, and natural symmetry, and refine the ideas before ‘going to the wheel’.

The simple forms are my canvas, on which I carve to maximum effect, creating optical mystery and thought-provoking visions. Each piece is unique, yet they are all connected.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 24 cm


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