Contemporary Art Glass Vases ‘Dizzy Spiral’ by Charlie MacPherson


Luxurious Glass
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3 kg

Contemporary Art Glass Vases ‘Dizzy Spiral’ by Charlie MacPherson

Charlie MacPherson adds to his stunning, and hugely popular, ‘Dizzy’ collection. These large, contemporary art glass vases complement their smaller sisters. Each one boasts intricate lines and patterns. The highly polished portal allows you to look deeply within. Allowing you to admire the gorgeous swirls created by cane spiral centre.

A true master of glass art, Charlie uses hand-blown glass techniques to build up layers of glass to create a fabulous depth and thickness to the glass. Each vase is polished to perfection to create dazzling optical qualities of light – a splendid addition to any interior space.

All of Charlie’s work is totally unique and personally signed by the artist. Once complete, the glass artwork will be personally signed and sent directly from his glass studio.

Ruby – L: 12cm x D: 12cm x H: 19cm
Aqua -L: 12cm x D: 12cm x H: 19cm

Contemporary Art Glass Vases Artist

Since graduating in 1999, Charlie Macpherson has become a leading light among British glass artists. His art glass combines beautiful simplicity with complex geometric lines, which gives his glass art the patina of intrigue.

Charlie Macpherson Glass graces many fine private and public collections around the world and he has been commissioned by major corporations such as British Gas and Shell, as well as the Royal Horticultural Society. His work has become highly prized and highly collectable.  Therefore, not only will you get to enjoy his glass art, but it should also continue to rise in value and provide a good long-term art investment.

If you would like a piece made to a specific size, or in a specific colour then Charlie will take commissions but we ask for a small deposit to begin discussions. This is done to ensure the artists’ time is not wasted with non-serious requests.

Weight 3 kg
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