Artistic Glass Vessel ‘Our Lines 2013’ by Lucy Batt


Resplendent Royal Purple


L: 17cm x H: 17cm

Artistic Glass Vessel ‘Our Lines 2013’ by Lucy Batt

This artistic glass vessel ‘Our Lines 2013’ by Lucy Batt is an exceptional piece of art glass.

An overlaid and engraved blown vessel in a splendid jewel-like purple colour. Lucy uses the Graal method to engrave the delicate inscriptions that shine through the artistic glass vessel.

A stunning addition to Lucy’s collection of Love Letter inspired masterpieces. This resplendent vessel makes the perfect gift for someone special. It is ideal for anniversaries, weddings or birthdays.

Made in collaboration with glass blower extraordinaire Charlie Macpherson.

Artistic Glass Vessel Artist

Lucy Batt is a highly accomplished and qualified glass artist. She holds a Foundation and BA Honours Degree from Camberwell College of Art and Chelsea College of Art and Design respectively.

She then progressed onto a Post Graduate Certificate in Glass at world-renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design.

Lucy’s forte is to create beautifully carved and intricate patterns onto blown glass vessels. She finds glass to be a special and unique material.  The sublime colour, reflections and luminosity of glass is endlessly captivating.

Inspired by nostalgia, romance and nature’s beauty, Lucy’s pieces are luxurious and stylish. They are created using layers of wafer-thin colour, which are engraved to create deep reflections that shine through the glass. Each vessel is blown to make it as symmetrical as humanly possible. This takes exceptional control and every piece is technically complex to make. To this end, Lucy collaborates with other highly talented glass blowers.

Lucy also collaborates with interior designers, to produce unique features for the luxury interior market.  This includes creating engraved screens and gilded tiles.

Lucy’s work has featured in many popular magazines and papers. These include Homes & Antiques Magazine, the Evening Standard and the Financial Times.

Lucy’s work demands to be seen up close, touched, owned and celebrated!



Dimensions 17 × 17 cm


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