Glass Goblet ‘Adventuring Vessel’ by Hazel MacLennan


Natural Beauty

L: 11cm x H: 12cm

Glass Goblet ‘Adventuring Vessel’ by Hazel MacLennan

This captivating glass goblet is part of the Autumn Inspired collection. This series is an ongoing exploration of colour inspired by the changing of the seasons. The ‘Adventuring’ glass goblet is drop formed and uses a blend of beautiful transparent and opaque coloured bullseye glass.

It has a natural beauty and depth within the layers, so you see the shadows that the gold flakes create throughout the glass.

A beautiful glass vessel that can be functional as well.

Glass Goblet Artist

Already successful in her own right, Hazel has recently graduated with a Three Dimensional Design Degree from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

After graduating Hazel became an artist in residence at Gray’s School, assisting other budding glass artists with their own styles and techniques and learning a lot herself at the same time.

Hazel, who hails from Aberdeenshire herself, specialised in glass and ceramics during her course. She works primarily with warm glass techniques, experimenting with kiln formed techniques such as slip casting, glass fusing, mould making and drop forming.

Hazel adores the “fascinating medium” of glass and constantly tries to push the boundaries and develop practice in both her work and in the work of the students under her tutelage.

As a designer and as an artist, Hazel feels that she has a responsibility to draw people’s attention to current global environmental issues. She uses her platform as an artist to disseminate ways that people can collaborate and join forces to tackle these important pressing issues.

Hazel MacLennan tries to be aware of the environment when designing and tries to keep wastage and electricity usage to a minimum.

Hazel hopes to have her own Glass studio very soon to be able to make all kinds of art glass from a glass goblet to a large sculpture.

Dimensions 11 × 12 cm


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