Kiln Formed Glass ‘Cascade II’ By Haley Haddow


Beautiful Patterned Vessel

L: 21cm x D: 21cm x H: 15cm
1 kg

Kiln Formed Glass ‘Cascade II’

Devotedly handmade kiln formed glass by Haley Haddow, this art glass vessel is part of the Cascade collection.

This piece is a wonderful example of kiln formed glass at it’s finest.

It is sure to add a wash of colour and style, from adorning an office area to proudly displayed in the home.

Standing at 15cm tall the artist Haley Haddow’s unique style, skill and craft is showcased.

It features a striking difference between the playful and colourful to the almost clear and serene on the other side.

On the surface of the vessel is a delicate pattern which will pick out fragments of light with it’s unique texture.

The colours on this kiln-formed glass are both bold and complimentary.

Kiln Formed Glass Artist

Haley Haddow glass is an experienced London-born artist.

A glass studio was established by Haley in the United Arab Emirates where she worked for many years.

In 2014 Haley relocated back to the United Kingdom.

2014 was a busy year for Haley as she undertook further study in 3D Design in Glass and Ceramics at Richmond College.

Over the years, amongst many other awards, Haley won 1st place at the British Glass Biennale Awards in 2015.

The architectural influence and geometry are clear in Haley’s signature style. The work is based conceptually on modern architecture, notably the late Zaha Hadid and Oscar Niemeyer.

Haley expresses her work through an organic, instinctive and rhythmic process. The glass is allowed to utilise negative space and gravity which leads to a strong contour and shape.

Incorporated into each piece is intricate patterns using textured surface decoration on the kiln-formed glass, this gives Haley’s work her unique aesthetic.

As well as glass vessels, Haley’s work has grown to now include bowls, platters, sculptures and wall panels.

Haley has been teaching and showcasing her work from the United Kingdom to Texas, United States of America. Her work is sought after by both individuals and collectors and is lovingly displayed in private collections and exhibitions all around the world.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 15 cm


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