Sculptural Vessels ‘Lotus’ by Carrie Gustafason


Glossy Colours

L: 18cm x D: 18cm x H: 35cm

Sculptural Vessels ‘Lotus’ by Carrie Gustafason

The ‘Lotus’ collection is a range of beautiful sculptural vessels by Carrie Gustafason. These glossy, shimmering sculptural vessels come in three colourways.  A beautiful, slim and elongated neck sits atop a full, apple-shaped base.  Each one boasts a distinctive elliptical pattern decoration that creates a wondrous contrast that draws the eye.

Carrie individually signs all her work.

N.B. These pieces come directly from the artist’s studio in the USA. Please allow at least 5 – 7 working days for delivery.

Sizes approx: 35 x 18 cm

Sculptural Vessels Artist

Carrie Gustafason’s art career began at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Whilst doing a printmaking major, Carrie did some glassblowing experiments and was smitten! These initial studies developed into her signature style of intricate patterns on vibrantly coloured hand blown glass.

After graduating from RSID, Carrie worked at several glass studios. These included the Pilchuck Glass School (WA); Penland School of Crafts (NC); Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass (NY) and the Rosin Studio, Murano, Italy.

In 1998, Carrie founded her own studio in Cambridge Massachusetts, where she continues to thrive. She is captivated by the interplay that light, colour, pattern and texture have in traditional closed vessels. Her love of colour is ever-present and her glass art magical and radiant.

Artist’s Statement:
“I am so fortunate that, as an artist, I am afforded the luxury of peace and quiet every day in my studio. I am also astounded at the effect that my work, created in tranquillity, has on others. That the pieces I craft with love, care and time do indeed shine serenity, light and joy back into the world.

My work is largely influenced by the natural world and I feel that my studio time is kind of similar to cultivating a garden. It is an outlet for creative discovery and space where I find balance. There is an organic rhythm to my process. Like an inhale and an exhale – inhaling my surroundings and exhaling life into new pieces. With each new piece, another door for exploration opens. Each work uniquely informs the next.

A larger piece can take several weeks to complete. The seemingly simple act of hand cutting and applying stencils – one at a time – has led to great discovery. Watching the growth of new patterns and the interplay of positive and negative space is a creative journey in itself.”

Dimensions 18 × 18 × 35 cm

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