Small Contemporary Glass Vessel ‘ T’Cup Pink Accents ‘ By Naomi Jacques


Precious Glass

Size: D 10cm   H 5cm


L: 10cm x D: 10cm x H: 5cm

Small Contemporary Glass Vessel ‘ T’Cup Pink Accents ‘ By Naomi Jacques

Formed on a mother’s breast from which a baby feeds.  This small contemporary glass vessel conveys all that a woman’s breast should be.  Serving more than that of a vision of beauty but also of a functional one.  The crystal-like appearance confirms how precious the form is, while its property confirms the importance of the vessel.

Naomi’s wishes to create glass art that opens conversation and creates a buzz,  T’Cup does just that!

The small contemporary glass vessel, T-Cup can be made to order in various colours.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for such orders.

Small Contemporary Glass Vessel Artist.

Glass artist Naomi Jacques is a British contemporary artist who works predominantly with glass.  She favours the kiln forming process.

In the same year that she graduated from the University of Wolverhampton, attaining a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts, Naomi’s work ‘Mother’ was commended by the Contemporary Glass Society in The Glass Prize 2016.

Working from her studio in Staffordshire in the Midlands, she creates bespoke glass art sculptures.

Naomi has an interest in the science involved in glass fusing.  She relishes challenging and adapting kiln-forming processes. While always looking to push the conventional boundaries to challenge the usability of the form by material and processes used to create.  Naomi’s signature process, ‘Frit Fusion,’ has been developed to convey that even when broken and feeling unworthy one can rebuild, strengthen and shine again – broken truly is beautiful.

By refracting and reflecting light through her work, Naomi gives her glass sculptures the appearance of diamonds and crystals.  Naomi looks to materialise a nugget of true individual emotion.

Naomi had the pleasure of working with Swarovski® Cut Crystal after meeting Ute Schumacher – Director Creative Direction and Design Network at SWAROVSKI®. Material exploration is fascinating to Naomi and she is looking forward to future material explorations and developing her work further.  Naomi welcomes commissions and enjoys creating personalised glass for art for clients.

With a passion for promoting wellbeing and introducing people to the joys of fused glass processes. Naomi runs local art workshops for all ages and abilities, where she teaches kiln-formed methods.


Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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