Hand Blown Drinking Glasses ‘Michelangelo’ by Daniel Štěpánek


Sheer Elegance
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Hand Blown Drinking Glasses ‘Michelangelo’ by Daniel Štěpánek

Finest hand blown drinking glasses direct from Old Bohemia. For hundreds of years, Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) has been amazing the world with its beautifully decorative glass.

In this glassware set, we have, from left to right, a small highball, a large highball, a white wine glass, a champagne flute, a red wine glass, a sherry glass, and a champagne coupe.

hand-blown in a textured ziggurat-style. These fine glass pieces are alluring and divinely beautiful.

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Hand Blown Drinking Glasses – Artist

Daniel Stepanek glass artist is a leading artist in the Czech Republic and has a fine track record in glass artistry.

After studying glass art treatment and production in Novy Bor under the tutelage of Professor Lipsky and Dr Spacek, Daniel honed his skills at Chrystalex, in the company of the country’s elite glass masters.

Daniel has collaborated with Dale Chihuly and other leading glass artists to realise challenging productions at the International Glass Symposiums in Novy Bor and Fraunau in Germany.

He was awarded the title ‘Master of Art Handicraft’ in 1987.

In 1990 he set up his own Daniel Stepanek Glass studio with his sons and taught them all the secrets of glass-making that he has gathered in his long and illustrious career.

His studio specialises in creating replicas of Baroque and Renaissance glass as well as Secession glass from the famous Monastery Mill of Southern Bohemia. 

Daniel Stepanek has etched a name for himself in superbly cut Bohemian Crystal Glass and exciting and innovative modern glass crystal vases. 

Daniel was one of Boha’s first glass artists as we scoured Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic) in search of great glass artists to promote to our clients worldwide.

We thought we had only just discovered him before realising we already had a fine hand-twisted glass pitcher in our personal glass art collection for many years!

It is a very ornate, elegant piece of glass, and what we have come to expect from Daniel Stepanek Glass Studio.

His work is found all over the world, and he is respected far beyond the borders of what was Bohemia. 


Weight 3 kg

Flute Glass (Set of 2), Coupe Glass (Set of 2), Hiball Glass (Set of 2), Hiball Glass Small (Set of 2), White Wine (Set of 2), Red Wine (Set of 2), Sherry Glass (Set of 2)


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