Daniel Stepanek Glass Art by the renowned Czech Glass artist who produces an amazing array of glass work including beautiful glassware.
Boha Glass has been a fan of Daniel Stepanek’s work for many years and we love his traditional Bohemian style glass work as much as we rate his innovative modern twists on time-honoured techniques.
His glass studio brings forth from the furnace a fabulous collection of glass and his standards of production are truly exceptional.
Stepanek never stops innovating and it is always exciting when he brings out a new range as it is always thoughtful high art with a focus on great design.
Czech Glass has a long and illustrious history going back at least a thousand years. The mantle has been passed to glass studio artists like Stepanek so it is in very safe hands.
Daniel Stepanek Glass ranges from retro Bohemian Glassware to modern marvels that push the envelope of what is possible with glass art.

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