Glass Art Ornament ‘Hourglass’ by Remigijus Kriukas


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Refined Elegance

L: 9cm x D: 9cm x H: 22cm
1.8 kg

Glass Art Ornament ‘Hourglass’ by Remigijus Kriukas

Glass Art ornament is an opulent hourglass, and is as timeless as the sands within a real hourglass.

Superb and sassy with the curves of a fifties screen siren. The delicate touch of this piece is something else and you will be hard-pressed not to pick it up and caress its contours.

The centre is squeezed tighter than an Elizabethan corset and gives the glass art ornament something of a Marilyn Monroe feel to it.

Elegant and well poised it looks like it could walk with ten books on its head.

With a debutante’s refinement and graceful sophistication, the glass smith has conjured up an object that transcends.

The top is pristinely polished to an ultra-smooth finish and gives another window in on the dazzling ambience of these charming pieces.

This particular Glass Art ornament would make a wonderful gift – whether birthday, wedding, Christmas or corporate – it will light up a face and then proceed to light up a room.

At Boha, we always aim to bring you the very best unique pieces and we scour the whole of Europe and cherry-pick the most sumptuous items available.  With this particular item we feel we have really ‘struck gold’ and are exceptionally pleased to be able to offer it to you.

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Glass Art Ornament Artist

These Glass Art pieces are made by the renowned artist Remigijus Kriukas a glass artist with many decades of experience in the field of Glass Art. He has won numerous awards and his work sits pride of place in many of the finest art glass collections around the world.

He has complete control over his medium and manages to produce works that are both exceptionally well crafted and effortlessly attractive,

His work takes Glass Art to a whole new level of exemplary work.

We have secured five of these hour glass ornaments and have three left but can specially order more if required.

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 22 cm


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