Beautiful Glass Bowl ‘Storm’ By Jan Falta


Moody Blue

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L: 21cm x D: 21cm x H: 7cm
1.6 kg

Beautiful Glass Bowl ‘Storm’ By Jan Falta

Blue Water is a beautiful glass bowl that is cool on the exterior, and its mood alters with light. Dozens of short, concise, straight lines have been worked into the bowl. The aberrant pattern has been cleverly masterminded.  The thickness of the lines allows for a reflection of greatness.  Each line glistens and projects out at all angles.

The transparent blue glass allows the light to shine through and presents wonderful patterns on the surface below, which extends the beauty of the bowl out as if a frame.

By night, this beautiful glass bowl becomes alive, when the artistry is at its best.

Beautiful Glass Bowl Artist

Jan Falta glass artist and designer was born in 1979 in the Czech Republic.  At 14 years old Jan went to Nový Bor (SPŠ sklářská) traditional school for glass making.  It was here that he studied the conception of art glass.  Specialising in cold working, glass cutting and grinding.  Jan remained a further two years at  Nový Bor (VOŠ sklářská), the Higher professional glass school where he studied Art glass creations.

Falta has a flexible and universal approach to glass. Jan creates and presents his work in Novy Bor, a traditional centre of Czech Glass Making that has inspired legions of glassmakers and given them a home for their glass artistry.

Inspired by the natural elements that surround us.  Jan delves deep into the beauty and diversity, the geometry and array of colours that sit within our everyday lives. It is no surprise that Cubism, Art Deco and principally pop art are his favourite art styles. He combines these movements together and utilises them individually to create a collection of works that are both inspired and inspirational.

Jan’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and worked with Jean-Michel Othoniel and the late Borek Sipek.  His work has attracted the admiration of famous actors and musicians, Phil Collins and Sean Connery both have acquired his work.

His pieces can be found in some of the finest fine art glass collections and museums and his reputation continues to grow year on year. He transmutes a simple medium into a cornucopia of styles and pieces that reflect his multiple talents as both a glassmaker and glass cutter.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 cm


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