Coloured Art Glass Bowl ‘Watermelon Tourmaline Bowl’ by Judith Menges


Fresh Fruit


D: 40cm

Coloured Art Glass Bowl ‘Watermelon Tourmaline Bowl’ by Judith Menges

Watermelon Tourmaline, is a coloured art glass bowl, with a very fruity feel.  Part of the gemstone series of glass art bowls.  A luscious green surrounds the fleshly reds with black shards as the seeds.    Through the technique of layering, Judith has created a very tactile and highly reflective piece.

Coloured Art Glass Bowl Diameter:- 40cm

Coloured Art Glass Bowl Artist

Judith Menges has over 25 years experience of glass.  After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire, in 1999, Judi decided to set up her own glass studio.  It was then that she started experimenting with different techniques and new glass textures.  After observing how differing methods of firing and layers of glass can result in exciting and unconventional effects.

Judith had become fascinated and intrigued by the potential of using glass frits & mediums to make images, and create an ever-changing line of Wall-hung Glass Panels, Triptychs and Bowls.   She then decided to pursue arts as a fulltime career.

Judith only uses Bullseye Art Glass which is Soda based glass without lead – mainly because it has more colours in Transparent & Opaque Glass.

Judith’s glass art images are created by firing, glass frits, powders, rods, confetti and inclusions in layers in the kiln.  These then forge a raised, tactile and highly reflective image. Judith has produced over six different series of ‘Glass Art’ images.  Her collections evolve and change yearly, ensuring that her work remains fresh and distinctive.

Her distinctive range of bowls, wall art and triptychs can be found in many galleries in the UK and abroad.

“Glass exceeds all other modes of visual expression in its infinite capacity to be not only translucent and tactile but an unusual medium, that allows for creativity that is not possible with other forms of art.” Judith Menges

Dimensions 40 cm


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