Handmade Glass Paperweight ‘Droplets’ by Remigijus Kriukas



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Handmade Glass Paperweight ‘Droplets’ by Remigijus Kriukas

Handmade glass paperweight ‘Droplets’ feature a  drop of colour perfectly suspended within a crystal clear colourless glass form. These lovely ornaments come in an array of alluring shades and exude a delicate presence.

Flat glass paperweights in a range of gorgeous colours and sizes. Perfect on their own, or why not group 2 or more to maximise the impact?

NB These pieces come directly from the artist’s studio in Lithuania. Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

The images shown are an example of ones in the series. Each paperweight is handmade and will, therefore, vary slightly.

Available in 3 heights:

Large: 20 cm
Medium:  15 cm
Small:  12 cm

Handmade Glass Paperweight Artist

Remigijus is a highly regarded glass artist who has had his work exhibited all over the world. His work is stylish and very modern with a wide and eclectic mix of pieces to suit all tastes.

From pretty glass ornaments to strong ultra modern almost masculine paperweights, he has created a wide array of styles. His work includes corporate gifts which are popular right across Europe. Remi’s wide array of ornaments and sculptures, like these handblown unique glass art,  are of intricate beauty.

Some of his glass crystal pieces, such as these European glass art, are unfathomable in their complexity and some of the contortions he makes the bubbles perform are truly mind-boggling. His crystal formula is very fine and a closely guarded secret!

With over 30 years in the glass making business Remigijus Kriukas has set a very high standard in glass artistry and his work, like this cool blown glass, is highly collectable. His glamorous pieces are remarkably popular and we are very proud to have him in our stable of highly talented glass artists.

Remi hand blows and signs every piece.


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