Beautiful Vessel ‘Red Vessel with Peony Stopper’ by Sharon Korek


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L: 10cm x D: 10cm x
3 kg

Beautiful Vessel ‘Red Vessel with Peony Stopper’ by Sharon Korek

This particular core cast beautiful vessel by Sharon Korek is a magical embrace between the sharp cube and the sublime Peony stopper with sterling silver collar.

Rich ruby red cube base and an emerald green Peony on top give this piece a striking colour balance that really makes a statement. Perfect to add to your sill, side or dressing table.

Adding intrigue and Bohemian beauty, this piece is an adventurous art glass piece that evokes a bygone era.

These ultra modern vessels give homage to the vintage styles of the Art Deco era, with fine cut simple shapes.

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Beautiful Vessel ‘Red Vessel with Peony Stopper’ by Sharon Korek

Sharon Korek took early retirement from lecturing in Law in 2014.  She learnt how to cut, fuse and kiln form glass at a local university. Sharon pursued her interest with this knowledge and set up her own studio, in Hitchin, called Blossom Glassworks.  The studio is now her, ‘home from home’.

Inspired by the natural world, Sharon takes her inspiration from nature in all its glorious colours and forms.  Exploring the wider potential of glass fusing and casting she lets her imagination drive her creativity.   Forging unique elements to include in her work, using kiln forming, ‘lost wax’ casting and vitrigraph techniques.  Resulting in sculptural pieces, wall panels, splashbacks and functional items.

Sharon’s work has been exhibited in several national events including, The Chelsea Art Show, Handmade in Britain at Chelsea and Living Crafts.

‘Glass is an exciting and versatile material to work with and sometimes it seems to have a life of its own.’ Sharon Korek.

‘Opening the kiln after a firing, there is always a moment of holding one’s breath, to see what the cut and assembled pieces of glass have become in the intense heat of the kiln.’

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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