Tall Bowl ‘Aura’ by Adam Jablonski


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Pink Champagne glass bowls

L: 32cm x D: 32cm x H: 23cm
3 kg

Tall Bowl ‘Aura’ by Adam Jablonski

Like pink champagne, the bubbles course through the fine Polish crystal tall bowl to deliver gorgeous glass bowls that would grace any table.

These glass bowls are deep enough to be used as glass vases too, but we have listed them as glass bowls.

They make great centrepieces and really can provide a main focal point for your room decor.

Every time we look at them we change our minds. Vase or bowl? Answers on a postcard, please.

Whether you fill them with fruit or leave them empty to show off their beauty to the fullest you will be sure to have an art glass show stopper when you purchase this tall bowl.

The Rose pink colour is beautifully rich even in the lowest of light; as you can see from the picture which was taken in very low light.

The last few pieces of New Jablonski are now available as his studio is now closed and will not be re-opening as Jablonski has retired.

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Tall Bowl Artist

It has been said that every man requires a life of significant challenges and purpose to live with passion and motivation. Adam Jablonski’s life revolved largely around creating beautiful art glass.

He has indeed faced many challenges and overcame all of them while achieving unprecedented manufacturing improvements which provided new innovations to glass production.

Born in Wilczkowice, Poland, his glass-related endeavours began very early in his life. From 16 years of age onward, Jablonski was heavily engaged in his craft and even built his own furnace to allow easier access to his craft.

His ventures resulted in multiple patents and production methods which increased the colour palette available to glass and the glass’ capability of light reflection.

His work, like this beautiful tall bowl, has been available for viewing in many fancy museums all around the world. Jablonski has since retired and the art still out in the market is being bought up quickly.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 23 cm


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