Adam Jablonski Glass is an award winning Glass Studio whose glass master has made a big impression on the World Art Glass market.
Jablonski has been awarded twelve gold medals, presented to him by the Polish President and has had his Glass bought and displayed by the World famous Corning Museum of Glass.
A great innovator, with numerous patents to his name, Adam Jablonski Glass is now in the collections of Kings and Presidents.

Adam has now retired and so these are the last new pieces of his work available on the open market.

Adam Jablonski Glass is already rising quickly in value as this stock will never be replaced.

It will be a sad day when the final piece of Jablonski’s work has been sold as it will mean the end of a fabulous era in Polish Glass making.
Boha Glass have tried to replenish their stocks of Jablonski Art Glass from other makers but without luck.

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