Art Glass Ornaments by Adam Jablonski


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Pretty in Pink

L: 16cm x D: 8cm x H: 50cm
4 kg

Art Glass Ornaments by Adam Jablonski

Very pretty luscious pink Jablonski Art Glass Ornaments made with 100% genuine world-famous Polish Crystal.

Such great crystal ensures the piece is dazzling from a multitude of directions.

It captures the light wonderfully whether in a glass cabinet or in pride of place on a table or mantelpiece.

This piece has been photographed in quite low light to stop the camera from being dazzled by its good looks.

Handmade by the internationally acclaimed glass artist Adam Jablonski, these were the last Crystal ornaments to be made by him before he retired.

Whether investing in Art Glass or just looking to by a piece of glamorous Art Glass Crystal, you couldn’t ask for more beautiful art glass.

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Art Glass Ornaments Artist

Adam Jablonski has been presented with twelve 12 gold stars by the Polish President for his amazing contribution to the Polish Glass industry.

His groundbreaking work has been displayed at exhibitions across the globe including the world famous Corning Glass Museum in the United States.

As well as being a tremendous glass artist, Mr Adam Jablonski is a well-respected glass technician and he has registered numerous patents with the Polish Patent Office.

He created the technique of mixing strands of metal into molten glass which produced a glass sculptures infusion with some amazing reflective qualities.

This technique has been taken up by the glass world and has been evolved into varying metal glass infusions.

Adam Jablonki Art Glass is a cherished part of the glass collections of Royalty and Presidents and in famous glass collections across the world.

His Art Glass ornaments were given to dignitaries visiting Poland as the ultimate example of Polish Art Glass.

Now the Jablonski studio is quiet as Jablonski himself has retired we will not be able to replace our stock of glass created by this master glass craftsman.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 50 cm


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