Lime Green Glass Art ‘Axons’ by Charlie Burke


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Lime Green Glass Art ‘Axons’ by Charlie Burke

Named after the cable transmission inside the brain, this lime green glass art is entitled ‘Axons’

Charlie’s work is heavily influenced by the inner workings of the brain and the way it uses electricity to convey information through our grey matter.

The top of this piece is beautifully polished to provide a window into the alluring opaqueness of this enigmatic artwork.

In the same way that the inner workings of the brain are still mostly unfathomable, so is the technique used to create this gem of a piece.

Magnificent and striking, this works well even in the busiest of settings.

Lime Green Glass Art – Artist

Charlie Burke Glass artist is part of the Burke family, who have been making fine glass art since 1987 at their family glass studio.

His work explores the theme of brain functions and thought patterns. Using molten glass to convey neural transmissions and the movement of information through the brain’s neural network and pathways.

The way the brain uses electricity to convey meaning, make decisions and take control of our own bodies and the world around us is an unfolding mystery. One that remains at the heart of Charlie’s work.

Charlie grew up around glass and was soon familiar with hot glass. He headed off to Sunderland University to study Fine Art, but was soon lured towards his destiny and transferred to the BA Glass and Ceramics course.

In 2010, Charlie graduated from Sunderland with honours and won the Charles Bray Award for Glass Excellence. The following year he was awarded the B.A. Show Prize by Friends Of National Glass Centre.

He began his glassmaking career, working at several UK glass studios where he taught and demonstrated his skills with this fascinating medium.

Charlie has exhibited widely around the UK and has exhibited at Living Crafts at Hatfield House for the last three years.

By the time 2018 came around, Charlie decided it was time to join the family firm, with Ed, Margaret and his wife Amelia Burke.

They make hot and cold glass art works at their studio on the English Welsh border.

In 2023, at the International Glass Festival in Luxembourg, Charlie’s exhibition was very well received and his work was secured by glass collectors from across Europe.

Weight 3 kg


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