Coloured Glass Ornaments ‘Swan Song’ by Adam Jablonski


Stoic Colourful Glass Ornaments

L: 11cm x D: 6cm x H: 45cm
4 kg

Coloured Glass Ornaments ‘Swan Song” by Adam Jablonski

These spectacular ‘Swan Song” Coloured Glass Ornaments are highly accomplished pieces with astonishing attention to detail.

Very well built with sleek lines and colourful without being ostentatious.

The strong robust front opens out into a crystal opening that forms an aperture on three sides.

This gives the beautiful glass ornaments a wonderful clarity and gives exceptional reflections.

The rotund top has subtle hues of colour and links seamlessly into the bolder colours below. These ornaments are made from Polish 24% pure lead crystal.

Whether placed on a table or a sunny window sill, these dazzling coloured crystal glass ornaments really are iridescent.

Unfortunately, this is our complete stock and we are unable to obtain any more stock due to the retirement of the glass artist.

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Coloured Glass Ornaments Artist

The coloured glass ornaments were hand-blown by Polish Glass legend Adam Jablonski.

Adam Jablonski is one of the big names in European Art Glass and his work has become highly collectable since his retirement a few years ago.

He is a great glass artist and also a highly accomplished glass technician. He designed and built his very own glass furnace to his own exacting standards and holds many patents to his name.

Jablonski also came up with the technique of combining molten glass with tiny metal threads which have produced some amazing glass with superb reflective qualities.

Adam Jablonski was the first former Communist Eastern Bloc glass artist to have their work bought and exhibited by the American Corning Museum of Glass. This was the accolade he was most proud of, and this is from a man who has been presented with 12 gold stars by the Polish President and his artwork can be found in the collections of Arabian Princes, Presidents and Kings around the world.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 45 cm


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