Contemporary Vases ‘Ammonite’ by Richie Alli



Marine Beauty

All other colours: Made to Order

Large: L 15cm x W 10cm x H 21cm
Medium : L 13cm x W 8.5cm x H 18cm
Small : L 11cm x W7cm x H 15cm


Contemporary Vases ‘Ammonite’ by Richie Alli

Inspired by the fossils of extinct sea creatures, these contemporary vases from the Ammonite series are a joy to behold.

These unusual contemporary vases will bring the natural beauty of marine life into your home, and add a glorious splash of colour to social areas or to the bedroom. These beautiful contemporary vases are available in different colours and sizes. Each vase will look fantastic alone, or group two or more together to create an even greater focal point.

NB:- Due to the handmade nature of how these pieces are made, there will be variations in each piece.

Contemporary Glass Artist

Richie Alli is a highly accomplished glass artist. His work has featured at many exhibitions in London and Cardiff and a number of cities in Europe.

Richie’s journey began in 2006 at the Plymouth College of Art, where he studied for a degree in Applied Arts. Richie was instantly mesmerised by the beauty and malleability of molten glass. When it is molten it’s like syrup on a spoon and it takes great skill and constant turning to maintain control. Richie loves the endless possibilities that glass presents and embraces the challenge of controlling the glass and shaping it into his extraordinary designs.

Richie graduated in 2009 and started work at a glass studio in Cirencester. It was here that he began to develop his own designs, realising that glass sculptures were his passion.

Richie is greatly inspired by the world around him and is especially struck by the ever-changing and fleeting nature of landscapes. His sculptures represent these natural transformations in glass form. Richie’s works mostly using overlay techniques, where he builds up layers of colour while the glass is still hot. Once it has cooled, he uses a diamond cutter to carve through the surface to expose the colour beneath. His pieces often contain contrast from sandblasted to highly polished surfaces. This results in stunning artwork that is a delight to behold and tactile to the touch.

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