Red Glass Art Vases ‘ Gold Tipped Anemone’ by Evans Atelier


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Red Glass Art Vases ‘Gold Tipped Anemone’ by Evans Atelier

Evans Atelier’s ‘Gold Tipped Anemone’ are show-stopping red glass art vases inspired by sea anemones. The main body of each vase is a deep red colour with ‘fronds’ of amber and purple encircling the piece. Vibrant gold coloured glass edges the mouth of these red glass art vases and contrasts beautifully against the bold red.

Create a dramatic centrepiece for your dining table, shelf or windowsill. ‘Gold Tipped Anemone’ will enchant your guests and prove to be an interesting talking point.

N.B. All the glass art by Evans Atelier is handmade, unique and signed by the artist.

Red Glass Art Vases Artist

Evans Atelier is a family run business that has built up over the past twenty years.  Emerging from a relationship with their co-founders based in California, they are now a 100% Czech owned company.  Their studio of authentic art glass is located in the town of Liberec which is nestled among the Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic.  Jolana Ctvteckova owns the company and looks to offer non-traditional, contemporary pieces, that are unique and hold a fresh authenticity that can be identified as Evans.

Evans Atelier is a team of creative individuals, working together to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Predominantly working with kiln-formed and hot glass pieces.  The Studio collection is created by special production methods.   One of their favoured decoration techniques is hand-painting, an adapted method of ‘Under Painting’.  Which is borne from their region of Northern Bohemia.  Special paints are applied to one side of the glass, in many layers.  Which are then burned at intervals.  Resulting in unique and distinctive pieces.

The Hot Glass Collection offers hand-formed and mouth-blown glass pieces.  Where glorious tones of colours are forged together by some of Czech’s best glass masters to create their vision.

Each piece, such as this red glass art bowl, is signed and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity.

‘We enjoy creating and it makes us happy when we can add a little colour into our everyday life!’  JOLANA ČTVRTEČKOVÁ  Evans Atelier Owner

Weight 4.5 kg
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