Fused Art Glass ‘Red Vessels’ by Aline Johnson



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Small – H: 10cm
Medium – H: 20cm
Large – H: 25cm

Fused Art Glass ‘Red Vessels’ by Aline Johnson

Add a warm glow to the home when you choose these kiln-formed fused art glass ‘red vessels’ by Aline Johnson. They come in a variety of sizes and two different shapes: ‘flute’ and the slightly wider ‘bell’ shape.

Beach stripes and windbreaks inspired the ‘candy stripe’ style of this fused art glass. These red vessels feature a delicate curved shape and a sandblasted finish.

Small – H: 10cm
Medium – H: 20cm
Large – H: 25cm

Fused Art Glass ‘Red Vessels’ Artist

Aline Johnson is an acclaimed British artist, producing vibrant kiln formed glass art forms from her London studio. Her work includes chandeliers, wall and table lights and vessels.  She works on a commission basis for most of her glass for lighting. Therefore, Aline tends to work on site-specific projects with interior designers, lighting designers and architects. She also designs and produces exclusive kiln-formed glass vessels and platters.

The potential and diversity of glass have always fascinated Aline. She uses a mixture of colours to create extraordinarily beautiful patterns. Her rural retreats to Dorset inspired her signature style. The vibrant palette of beach stripes, seaside rock and windbreak patterns translate easily into fused glass.

The ever-changing colour palette, sparkling translucency and the fluidity of the sea provide an infinite source of inspiration.  The seascape colours have immediate relevance to working with kiln-formed glass.

Aline continually strives to find balance in combining the medium of glass with lights. She captures the translucent beauty of glass in the casts of natural objects, e.g. feathers and leaves. Subsequently, she uses these cast object to create her incredible chandeliers.

Aline’s sublime glass art is highly sought after and is exhibited and sold across the UK and Europe. Her most recent events include Made London, Art & York, York and Glas Kunst Beurs, Netherlands, to name a few.

We are delighted to welcome Aline’s Johnson to Boha, her incredible style and quality of work is a true joy to behold.

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