Teal Glass Ornaments ‘Spikes II’ by Charlie Macpherson



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Teal Glass Ornaments ‘Spikes II’ by Charlie Macpherson

Each of these Teal Glass Ornaments ‘Spikes II’ is made to order, in the exact colour and exact size you require.

The pieces snake upwards and taper at the end to a sharp point, and are finely frosted to give an extra allure. The tops have three unblemished sections that add interest and draw the eye up to the apex of the pieces. Charmingly hand was blown to deliver a very naturalistic piece of art glass.

Perfect as a centrepiece or to add interest to high-ceilinged rooms or large, modern open-plan homes. They work just as well on the mantel and in the fireplace and can enliven a room if placed in a sill or on a side table.

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Teal Glass Ornaments Artist

Glass Art by Charlie Macpherson can be found in some of the UK’s finest collections, both public and private. His work has been exhibited across the globe to much acclaim and he has been won commissions from international conglomerates such as Shell and Anglo American.

Charlie’s work is an exploration of the incongruity of form, juxtaposing simple shapes with highly complex patterns and geometry. The effect being, that the eye is drawn deep into his pieces for a closer inspection.

His diametrically opposing pieces have won him many admirers and his glass has become an investment as well as something of rare beauty. These stunning contemporary glass art pieces are sure to become the treasured antiques of the future.


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