Colorful Perfume Bottles ‘Lush’ by Michael Trimpol


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Art Glass Perfume Bottles
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L: 9cm x D: 9cm x H: 15cm
1 kg

Colorful Perfume Bottles ‘Lush’ by Michael Trimpol

‘Lush’ Colorful Perfume Bottles are a verdant green tropical haze of colour like a flowering jungle or tropical rainforest.

These hand-blown glass perfume bottles are full of magical contours. The colours are weaved into the delicate combed ribbing that swirls around the piece.

Standing at 15 cm tall, these colourful perfume bottles really stand out on  French Dresser or on a sunny window sill where they will shower a beautiful array of colours into the room.

N.B. The images shown are an example of the ones in the series. Each piece is hand-blown and will vary slightly. Each one is completely unique and signed by the artist.

Colorful Perfume Bottles Artist

Michael Trimpol is our first American artist and Boha Glass is delighted to be able to bring his glass perfume bottles here to the UK.

Michael was born and raised in Philadelphia and first learnt about glassworking when he took a stained glass course in Vermont.

He started pursuing a career in stained glass and studied at Concordia University in Montreal before becoming frustrated with the two-dimensional nature of stained glass and moved into glassblowing, taking a course at Sheridan College School of Craft & Design in Mississauga, Ontario, where he graduated in 1985.

After graduation he took up residency at one of Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations; Harbourfront Craft Studios, before setting up his own company in 1989 Hot Glass Inc. He relocated to Stowe in Vermont to continue to develop his range of blown glass products, where he designs and produces a diverse array of art glass products.

He currently designs and manufactures a diverse body of products in addition to overseeing the operations of the studio.

Artist’s Statement

“Of the many media and processes which can be used to create, I have always been attracted to glass and its potential. Initially working with stained glass, I became drawn to the dynamic nature of the blowing process which seemed to better suit both my nature and my vision.

I have a strong preference for objects of a personal scale and with potential utility. A vessel with a lid or stopper has always been of most interest. Colour and pattern are also important, either a single pure colour highlighting form or a more complex mixture to create patterns.

I am proud of the final product but the actual process of creation is what I find most satisfying.”

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 15 cm


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