Michael Trimpol Glass Artist was born in Philadelphia, PA, and started out in glass making while he was a student in Stowe, Vermont. Continuing his career in glass making whilst in attendance at Concordia University in Montreal, he worked on both public installations as well as residential commissions.

Michael soon became frustrated with two dimension glass work, and went on to enrol in a course in glass blowing at the Mississauga College School of Craft & Design. He graduated from Mississauga in 1985 and was accepted for a residential posting in the Harbourfront Craft Studios in Toronto.

He completed his residence in Harbourfront in 1989 and went on to establish his own glass blowing company, Hotglass Inc. Some six years later he relocated to Vermont where he founded Michael Trimpol Glass. As well as overseeing the running of his studio, Michael continues to design a diverse range of glass products.

In a statement from Michael, the artist explains that he has always been drawn to the potential and diversity of glass, specialising in glass blowing after becoming frustrated with two dimensional projects. He finds great satisfaction in every creation he makes, showing preference to usable objects such as vessels with stoppers, using a mixture of colours to create extraordinarily beautiful patterns.

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