Genie Perfume Bottle ‘Blue Peacock’ by Carl Radke


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Luxurious Lustre Art Glass

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 10cm
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Genie Perfume Bottle ‘Blue Peacock’ by Carl Radke

A Genie Perfume Bottle is never made on a commercial scale due to the cost of the silver that goes into making each one.

Blue Peacock Genie Glass Perfume Bottles are a luxurious lustre glass homage to an exotic, explosive era in history. The Roaring Twenties brought with it some of the most exciting art that had ever been seen before.

As the Arts and Crafts Movement was replaced with the aspirational Futurism of the 20th Century, the lustre glass from the hallowed Tiffany Studio was making its mark both in America and Europe. Belle Epoque entwined with Art Nouveau and Art Deco to create an exciting start to the new Century.

Each sumptuous, silvered genie perfume bottle works wonderfully under all kinds of artificial light.

Genie Perfume Bottle Artisan

Carl Radke Glass Artist participated in the 1970s glass art renaissance period in America. First seen back in 1881 by Tiffany, the unique art known as Lustre glass blowing then went on to decline in popularity, becoming virtually obsolete by the 1920s. Its popularity however rose again after its rebirth in the 1960s in California.

The art of lustre glass blowing is unlike any other due to the fact that there is silver present in the glass. The art behind making each genie perfume bottle has never become commercialised due to the sheer expense of the raw materials and due to the fact that the glass perfume bottle needs to be monitored whilst in the furnace to ensure that it neither degenerates nor discolours. Costly and delicate, it requires a certain type of artist to successfully blow lustre glass, one that has not just knowledge of art but also one of chemistry. Radke is one of the few remaining lustre blowers around who continue to carry on the delicate art.

Radke’s collections are both collectible as well as precious and are on display in various galleries. First introduced to the art in 1970, he is proud to still be carrying on the art some 38 years later. Married to Stephanie whom he met in 2000, and a born-again Christian, you can view his work in his studio in Harmony since 2002. Normally alone in his studio, but sometimes aided by Stephanie, Radke has worked with many famous designers over the years to keep this unique art alive.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm


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