Glass Flower Vases ‘Frozen’ by Adam Jablonski


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Ice Cool Art Glass

L: 25cm x D: 25cm x H: 30cm
3.5 kg

Glass Flower Vases ‘Frozen’ by Adam Jablonski

The ‘Frozen’ glass flower vases are a wonderful two-tier piece. The icy snow-coloured crystal base sits beneath a swirl of ribbon blue glass that flows from ice water blue to midnight blue.

The beautiful sheen is due to the world-renowned Polish 24% Lead crystal that gives the piece its brilliance.

These are unique glass vases and there are no others quite like it.

An understated piece, this glass flower vase needs to be displayed in subtle surroundings as it won’t sit comfortably with other loud furnishings.

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Glass Flower Vases – Artist

Adam Jablonski was the first Eastern block artist to have his work displayed in the Corning Museum of Glass in the U.S. Proud of his upbringing, Jablonski enjoyed a career in glass blowing that lasted some forty-eight years. Now retired since 2010, many of his pieces were bought by kings and other royal members around the world.

The first person to ever combine glass with metal, Jablonski patented the method along with many other of his pieces. He found the capability to make glass in all conceivable colours and was awarded 12 gold stars by the Polish President during his career. Having built his very own furnace, Adam started blowing glass in 1952, and his glass can be found in many famous collections all over the globe.

The first Eastern block artist of his kind, Jablonski visited many presidents, kings, and heads of state during his very own reign in glass blowing.

Adam Jablonski Glass Master was born in Poland in 1936. He’s an artist and a certified glass technologist who has been pursuing artistic activity in that field since 1952. The master craftsman is not only an author of unique artistic products, like this floor vase, but he is also a top-class crystal glass technologist, having several dozen patents on his account.

In one of his latest patents, the inventor combines in one artistic process two elements that appear to be completely opposing: glass and metal. The innovative technology developed by A. Jablonski introduces delicate metal threads into liquid molten crystal glass. In that way, not only a new form but also an unknown, magical glass and metal structure is created.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm


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