The brilliant lustre you get from clear glass ornaments is almost unparalleled. The 24% Lead crystal grabs every morsel of light and reflects back every last ray in a dazzling light display.
This is thanks to the clarity of the crystal and the fine finish of the glass once it has been taken from the furnace for the very last time. Pulled back through the glory hole and left to cool on the artists’ workbench, the last rays of amber disappearing from the glass as it slowly cools in the air.
Clear glass ornaments have an effervescent purity and style that is highly sought after. It is the shape of the pieces that give an extra dimension to their reflective qualities. A curve or a twist in the glass can open up a whole new world of echoing light.
These pieces are very popular as wedding gifts due to the purity of the crystal and the historically popular tradition of giving glass as wedding gifts. As many couples already have all the household items you could think of, art glass makes a beautiful alternative.
Only perfectly clear pieces are added to this category. If you want a piece with colour please choose one of the other coloured glass categories.

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