Crystal Cut Drinking Glasses ‘Tomy’ by Caesar Crystal Bohemiae


Illustrious History
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Crystal Cut Drinking Glasses ‘Tomy’ by Caesar Crystal Bohemiae

Refined crystal cut drinking glasses made by highly skilled Bohemian artisans.

These 320ml glasses are perfect for water, mixers, or long drinks.

Each glass is hand-cut by glassmakers that are so accurate that machines cannot match their precision.

Made the traditional way that glass has been made in Bohemia (modern-day Czechia) for seven centuries.

Perfect for adding colour to your drinking glass cabinet, these handmade glasses have a long and illustrious history of excellence.

Live a little and purchase glasses that have been in vogue with the upper echelons of society for almost seven hundred years.

Crystal Cut Drinking Glasses – Artist

The Crystal Cut Drinking Glasses are hand-made by introducing layers of clear and colourful crystal together at 800 °C. These layers are entwined at just the right thickness. This ‘flashing’ glass is difficult to create, and only a few skilled glassworkers are capable of performing this process.

Each luxurious piece comes with a certificate of Bohemian authenticity.

These pieces are made by exceptionally skilled master craftsmen and women. Even today, modern manufacturing cannot replicate this awe-inspiring process.

You can find out more about the history of Bohemian Glass Crystal here.

Once they have cooled from being worked in the fiery furnace, the Czech glass pieces are left to cool. Only then does the glass cutter begin their work. These elegant works of art are so finely cut that they catch the light beautifully.

These are the most exceptional pieces of luxurious glass crystal art that we have encountered, and we look forward to bringing them to your home soon.

The Caesar Crystal Studio has a range of wonderful pieces of cut glass art that really do them proud. Their stock is very wide, and there are some gorgeous glass decanters that we would like to bring you in the not-too-distant future.

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