Caesar Crystal Bohemiae Glass company specializes in manufacturing colorful cased crystal with a 24% PbO (lead oxide)content, which is made by connecting the layer of clear crystal and the layer of colourful crystal at temperatures around 800°C.

Exceptionally skilful master craftsmen and women make these pieces. Even today, modern manufacturing cannot replicate this awe-inspiring process.

The Czech Glass pieces are taken from the fiery furnace and left to cool. Only then does the glass cutter begin their work. These elegant works of art are so finely cut the light catches them beautifully.

These are the most exceptional pieces of luxurious beautiful crystal that we have encountered and we look forward to bringing them to your home soon. The Caesar Crystal Bohemiae Glass has a range of wonderful pieces of cut glass art which really do them proud. Their stock is very wide and there are some gorgeous glass decanters that we would like to bring you in the not too distant future.

In the case of white or ruby red crystal, they can be recycled to be melted into molten glass again.

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