The Fragrance of Christmases Past: An Assortment of Unique Glass Perfume Bottles, 1800s-Present

silver veil glass perfume bottle

The holiday season is defined by shimmering reflections and refractions; light glowing softly from strung bulbs, dancing through bubbly liquid as it swirls within the crystal, and shimmering off of colourful ornaments strewn about our homes and offices. At no other time of the year is the aesthetic influence of glass on our lives so […]

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Glass Architecture

Michael LaFetra Living Room

They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well, the only thing people who live in these fine houses will be throwing are endless parties. The houses below, aside from being a window cleaner’s wet dream, are real architectural marvels from across the globe. The Glass House The Glass House by architect […]

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The Intimate History of Miniature Perfume Bottles

Tiny Tray for petite perfume bottles

We humans love surprises, secrets, the mystique of hidden treasure and sudden delights to the senses; it is little wonder, then, that the miniature and wearable perfume bottles of old hold such thrill and fascination for their collectors. While many of those heavily invested in collecting antique perfume bottles focus on the large (and obviously […]

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Kralik Glass: No Pale Imitator

kralik glass

Today, we take a dim view of imitation in the world of manufacturing. “Knockoffs” are branded unoriginal, uninspired, flimsier versions of the original. In the long-ago Kingdom of Bohemia, however, imitation truly flattered Loetz when Kralik glassworks decided to jump on the Jugendstil bandwagon in the late 1800s, mimicking the art glass techniques Loetz had […]

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