Bohemian Glass: The Enduring Legacy of Czech Art Glass

Bohemian glass

The term “Bohemian glass” is one that frequently leads to confusion for those just entering the world of art glass collecting; the word “Bohemian” is, after all, most strongly associated today with the romantic 19th century French movement that championed embracing a state of artistic poverty. Yet, upon delving into the realm of Victorian glassware, […]

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Depression Glass: Vintage Americana

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom Pink Plate

 The phrase ‘Depression Glass’ is often treated as an umbrella term, a catch-all definition used by collectors somewhat indiscriminately to describe a type of inexpensive glass (either clear or coloured) that was manufactured in large quantities; primarily during the 1920s and early 1930s (though various forms were made over the decades that followed as well). […]

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The Fragrance of Christmases Past: An Assortment of Unique Glass Perfume Bottles, 1800s-Present

silver veil glass perfume bottle

The holiday season is defined by shimmering reflections and refractions; light glowing softly from strung bulbs, dancing through bubbly liquid as it swirls within the crystal, and shimmering off of colourful ornaments strewn about our homes and offices. At no other time of the year is the aesthetic influence of glass on our lives so […]

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