Loetz Glass: Jewels of Bohemia – The Art Nouveau Glass of Loetz Witwe

loetz glass

The freedom of spirit and expression that is immediately called to mind when one hears the word “Bohemia”—gypsies traipsing through wild lands in colourful dress, eschewing the trappings of money and classism to embrace music and adventure—is a natural fit with the principles of Art Nouveau, which championed a return to nature in its embrace […]

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Caithness Glass: Highland Magic

caithness glass

Writing habitually about art glass and the history thereof is an experience that frequently mingles awe with a touch of sadness. The delicate beauty, intricate details, and sheer creativity that can be seen in so many great works of glass is enough to both take one’s breath away and to instil a renewed appreciation for […]

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Glass Perfume Bottles UK: A Marvel of Early Glassmaking

Flint Glass perfume bottles UK

The modern perception of perfume bottles centres very strongly around French artists and designers, likely owing to the fact that it was a French artist (Rene Lalique, in partnership with Francois Coty) who introduced the concept of affordable yet creatively designed glass perfume bottles (that were actually sold containing perfume, a novelty at the time) […]

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