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From Byzantine to Brutalism and everything else in between. Articles focus on Art Movements and their lasting impact on contemporary art.

Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Cubism: A Revolutionary Art Movement

Cubism is certainly one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century, challenging traditional notions of representation and perspective.  Emerging in the early 20th century, it revolutionized the way artists depicted the world around them, laying the groundwork for subsequent avant-garde movements. Cubism emerged in the early 20th century, primarily pioneered by Pablo […]

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Andy Warhol Artwork

Andy Warhol Artwork

Andy Warhol Artwork shook the establishment to its core with nothing more frightening than Coca-Cola bottles and Cambell’s Soup Tins. With his novel approach to creativity and preoccupation with celebrity culture, Andy Warhol revolutionised the art world.  He quickly became a prominent figure of the 20th-century art scene, creating iconic works of art out of

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Andy Warhol Art Marilyn

Andy Warhol Art

Andy Warhol Art is world-famous and instantly recognisable, as is the man himself. Andy Warhol (born Andrew Warhola, 6 August 1928 – 22 February 1987) was a key figure behind the Pop Art movement.  He was the third child of Czechoslovakian immigrants, from a working-class neighbourhood of Pittsburgh, USA. Andy Warhol is considered to be

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Jackson Pollock Art Convergence

Jackson Pollock Art – Abstract Expressionism & ‘Drip’ Painting

Born in 1912, Jackson Pollock was a world-famous American painter who is considered to be the ‘main man’ behind the abstract expressionist movement. Abstract expressionist paintings, like Jackson Pollock art, share several broad characteristics. They show forms not drawn from the real world and can often look chaotic. In particular, abstract expressionism often features gestural brush-strokes and

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Leonor Fini Art

Leonor Fini Art

Leonor Fini is widely agreed to be one of the most significant female artists of the twentieth century. Her lengthy career included not only paintings but graphic design, product design, theatre set design and book illustrations. Fini was born in 1907 in Bueno Aires and grew up in Italy, raised by her mother. She was

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memphis group carlton

The Memphis Group: Meet the Design Firm Behind the 80s ‘Look’

The ‘80s: Whether you view this decade’s style as being wonderfully bold or frankly hideous, there’s no denying the fact that it left a lasting imprint on popular culture. Indeed, the 1980’s aesthetic has been revived so often that one could be forgiven for thinking it never really went away in the first place. Instead,

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Francisco Goya Art

Francisco Goya was a painter and etcher regarded as one of the finest artists ever to emerge from Spain. He was mainly active during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and his work is regarded as having a substantial influence on expressionism, impressionism and romanticism. The artist was born in 1746, and it’s thought

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Camille Pissarro art self-portrait

Camille Pissarro Art

The French landscape artist Camille Pissarro was born on the island of St Thomas in the Danish West Indies in 1830 and is noted for his contribution to Impressionist and Postimpressionist art. Known for his quote “it is absurd to look for perfection”, the artist started to experiment with art after moving to Paris at

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