Glass Perfume Bottles

Blogs about the alluring beauty of glass perfume bottles. The history of glass perfume bottles dates back hundreds of years and, as well as featuring some of the most famous Glass Perfume Bottles’ UK makers, the glass perfume bottle blogs will feature articles on some of the most amazing perfume bottle makers from right around the world. Expect lots of glamorous images of the world’s finest glass perfume bottles, along with histories and biographies of the great and the good.
If you would like to contribute to this section, or showcase your own glass perfume bottles then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

silver veil glass perfume bottle

The Fragrance of Christmases Past: An Assortment of Unique Glass Perfume Bottles, 1800s-Present

The holiday season is defined by shimmering reflections and refractions; light glowing softly from strung bulbs, dancing through bubbly liquid as it swirls within the crystal, and shimmering off of colourful ornaments strewn about our homes and offices. At no other time of the year is the aesthetic influence of glass on our lives so…

Tiny Tray for petite perfume bottles

The Intimate History of Miniature Perfume Bottles

We humans love surprises, secrets, the mystique of hidden treasure and sudden delights to the senses; it is little wonder, then, that the miniature and wearable perfume bottles of old hold such thrill and fascination for their collectors. While many of those heavily invested in collecting antique perfume bottles focus on the large (and obviously…

designer perfume bottles

Why Designer Perfume Bottles Make The Ultimate Gift

When searching for the ultimate gift for the special lady in your life, you need to think like she does and choose what she would choose. Chocolates, flowers, and clothes are out of the question; chocolates may make her pile in the pounds, flowers will fade away, and clothes may not fit her or she…

glass perfume bottles

The Allure of Glass Perfume Bottles

When you ask a collector of glass perfume bottles what it is that made them start to collect in the first place, there is a good chance you will be met with a variety of different answers. Some will talk about the sheer beauty of the vintage pieces, many of which can easily be deemed…

Gold Murrini Genie Glass perfume bottles

Carl Radke Glass Perfume Bottles

Our new range of Art Deco Perfume Bottles are lovingly handmade by Carl Radke. Carl was one of the Art Glass pioneers that reignited the Renaissance in Art Glass in 70s America. Carl specialises in Lustre Art Glass, first introduced to the world by Tiffany & Co. in 1881. Its popularity reached its peak around…

Flint Glass perfume bottles UK

Glass Perfume Bottles UK: A Marvel of Early Glassmaking

The modern perception of perfume bottles centres very strongly around French artists and designers, likely owing to the fact that it was a French artist (Rene Lalique, in partnership with Francois Coty) who introduced the concept of affordable yet creatively designed glass perfume bottles (that were actually sold containing perfume, a novelty at the time)…

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