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gothic stained glass history

Stained Glass History

The Art and History of Stained Glass Stained glass history, an art form known for its vibrant colours and intricate designs, spans over a millennium. In the Middle Ages, it was predominantly associated with grand cathedrals and churches. Since those early days, it has evolved through various cultures and technological advancements, reflecting the artistic and […]

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Incalmo Glass Sculpture Laura McKinley

Glass Art Techniques

There are many glass art techniques that glass artists use to create amazing art glass pieces. These different techniques can be put into three main categories: hot glass, warm glass, and, yes, you guessed it, cold glass. Hot glass making requires a temperature of 2000 degrees, and the viscous, easily manipulated glass is used in

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Murano Glass Ornaments

Investing in Art Glass

In the world of investments, where stocks rise and fall like a roller coaster and cryptocurrencies make our heads spin, there’s a quiet and elegant alternative that’s been gaining attention – art glass. Yes, you heard it right – those shimmering, colourful glass sculptures that captivate your senses and bring a touch of magic to

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glass flower vase 17th century

Glass Flower Vase: A Quick Quirky Potted History

Once upon a time in the quaint English countryside, where tea was a serious affair and conversations primarily revolved around the weather, a seemingly innocent object made its grand entrance into the homes of the locals—the glass flower vase. Little did the unsuspecting English know that this unassuming vessel would become a centrepiece in the

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harvey littleton

What is Art Glass?

What is Art Glass? Since ancient times, art has been a basic manifestation of human creativity, conveying feelings, ideas, and narratives via a variety of forms and media. Art glass is one such alluring medium, a brilliant blend of aesthetics and craftsmanship that has garnered the interest of both artists and collectors. Glass art continues

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Dale Chihuly Glass

Dale Chihuly Glass Art: A Symphony of Colour and Light

Contemporary glass artist Dale Chihuly is a trailblazer known for his stunning and avant-garde glass sculptures and installations. His daring and inventive works have captivated audiences all around the world and revolutionised glass’s potential as an art medium. Chihuly’s artistic career spans more than five decades, and his work continues to enchant and astound its

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karl palda glass

Karl Palda Glass – How To Spot A Fake

Introduction Since it’s beginnings in the 1930s, Karl Palda Glass has gained recognition among collectors and fans all over the world thanks to its elegance and artistic craftsmanship. Czechoslovakian glassware from the early 20th century is highly regarded for its distinctive style and superior production values. Unfortunately, counterfeiters have attempted to profit from its fame

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Coloured Glass Vases

How To Clean Art Glass

Want to know how to clean art glass? These tips will ensure you don’t damage your hand-blown glass and keep it looking pristine for years to come. Please use this information as a guide and follow any artist or manufacturer’s instructions. OK, let’s get on to the art glass cleaning advice… Preparing to Clean Art

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