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Decorative Urn

Keepsake Urns – Commemorating Loved Ones in Style

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” A quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Unfortunately, it is true; we cannot avoid either. Although some people in this world seem to be doing a good job of avoiding the latter! But I digress, as this blog is about keepsake urns.…

Coloured Glass Vases

Modern Glass Art: An Introduction

The work of modern glass artists can change hands for astonishing amounts of money, and it’s often amazing to see just how innovative and beautiful the glass-based works being produced by today’s leading pioneers are. Art Glass can also be a great art investment for the future. Fewer and fewer creative restrictions The ability to…

Marvin Lipofsky art glass

Handblown Art Glass

Though the history of glassblowing stretches back to the middle of the 1st century BC, the last six decades have seen the practice of blowing glass for artistic purposes evolve hugely. The world of handblown art glass has advanced significantly since the start of the studio glass movement in the early 1960s. Harvey Littleton is…

studio art glass david patchen

Studio Art Glass: Is The Future Cloudy Or Crystal Clear?

When reading about the great glass makers of yesteryear, one can be forgiven for developing the impression that the decorative glass industry has, as a whole, been in decline for some time. For every Steuben (which famously rose from the ashes of bankruptcy in 2015), there are many more Loetzes, Kraliks, and Sowerbys: Companies who…

Jack Storms Creative Glass

Creative Glass

An art glass perspective from our US writer John Watson… For most people, glass is a functional material used for windows, glassware, and little ornaments around the house. It is not a material that people consider to be a major part of the art world, unless of course you include stained glass windows in that…

Christmas ornaments

Glass Ornaments: A German Christmas Miracle

Many beloved Christmas movies hinge their dramatic impact on the idea of Christmas being jeopardised in some way, only to be saved at the last minute by a miracle. Whether it’s the threat of the Grinch stealing away everyone’s gifts or the possibility of Christmas being cancelled due to a great storm, the idea of…

how to remove scratches from glass

How To Remove Scratches From Glass

The joy of having a glass collection goes beyond sheer visual admiration. For those who own antique glass, there is also the profoundly meaningful sense of restoring and preserving heirloom pieces for future generations. Each item of antique glass serves as a tangible emblem of an era—a way of life that has long since passed…

ancient chinese disk

Seeking Clarity: Unearthing The Secrets of Lead-Barium Glass in China

While Asia is a continent much admired for its long history of artistic and technical achievement, ancient Asian glass craft has largely been overshadowed by more mainstream mediums; the popularity (both within Asia itself and amongst modern collectors) of Asian ceramic wares and metalwork has rendered glass something a footnote. However, though glassmaking got off…

greek glass art skyphos hellenistic period 1st century

Glass Art: Early Glass Manufacturing Techniques

In our two most recent pieces, Black Glass: Before There Was Glassblowing and Coloured Glass: Before The Age of Glass Blowing, we examined the motivations (both practical and cultural) which shaped the genesis of glassmaking. We also explored the ancient trade routes that helped to spread glass art around the world, spurring the innovations that…

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