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Fast and Furious

Boha Supply Hollywood!

Boha Supply Art For Hollywood Blockbuster Here at Boha Head Office, we are all in a ‘spin’ and can hardly contain our excitement and delight. Why is that you might ask? Well, it’s because we are super excited to announce that one of the paintings from our collection is set to feature in a major…

Eileen Gray chair

Eileen Gray: Designer, Architect, and Prototype of the Modern Woman

Walking past the E.1027—a small white holiday house perched on a bluff overlooking the bay of Monaco—you wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Like most contemporary homes in the region, it’s characterised by sleek, clean geometric lines, a design that affords spectacular views of the surrounding area, and a light, airy mien. There is,…

decorative glass partition wall

Top Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

Glass is everywhere in modern life, but rarely do we spend time actually thinking about what we use it for. It lets light into our homes, it is used to store food and occasionally we’ll use it to hold some flowers. But glass has a lot more to offer than that. You can use glass…

art glass sculpture

Glass Sculpture: Art in Your Living Room

You can bring art glass sculpture into your home without it stealing all the limelight. When people think about glass sculpture they often think of large installations which are more befitting of a large manor house or office mezzanine. Not true! Yes glass sculpture can mean a big work of art in a park but…

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