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A potted history of some of the greatest art glass makers from right across the globe. Roman right up to 21 century artists.

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Art Glass Makers: The Brilliant Period – Shining in America

The Brilliant Period: When Art Glass Makers Shone In America During the first 100 years of America’s existence as an independent nation, elegance was largely imported. The, as yet, untamed former colony looked to Paris for its fashion and decor, while German, Bohemian, and English art glass makers set the tone for glass and crystal.…

Venetian art glass Murano beads

Venetian Art Glass – Unique Facts About Murano Glass

Venetian art glass has been incredibly popular since around the 8th century. Made in Venice, Italy, almost exclusively on the island known as Murano, Venetian glass is unmistakable due to its colourful, bold, and elaborate designs. During the Middle Ages, the Venetian Republic was one of the wealthiest and most powerful republics in all of…

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Hand Blown Art Glass

The Medium With A Message: Hazel MacLennan’s Environmentally-Conscious Hand Blown Art Glass Any collector of hand blown art glass knows that this art form has the power to deeply enrich our lives on an individual level. In brightening and beautifying our homes, blown glass uplifts our minds and our spirits, creating an oasis of peace…

iridescent loetz art glass

Loetz Art Glass

Loetz was one of the leading Bohemian art glass makers, working in the Art Nouveau era. The Loetz Art Glass company was founded by Johann Loetz in 1840 and became renowned for its bold colours, ground-breaking techniques and organic forms. Loetz art glass was at its peak between around 1890-1920, with its products being manufactured…

kosta boda glass

Kosta Boda Art Glass: The Triumph Of The ‘Kingdom Of Crystal’

Before the industrial revolution centralised the production of goods in urban areas, the forests and towns of central Europe were peppered with small glassworks. Craft was, for many, a way of life: Whole families would spend their days shaping glass pieces from furnace to finish, with the finest details often being painted by the smallest…

Swedish glass art

Swedish Art Glass: The History Of Orrefors Glassworks & Graal Glass

Scandinavia is a region defined by its natural splendour: From long aurora-lit winter nights to clear streams full of striving wild fish and forests resplendent with soaring pines, this northern landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s therefore unsurprising that natural hues and motifs often make their way into the best Swedish art glass, with…

emile galle glass vase

Galle Glass

The Passionate Artist: How Emile Galle Glass Art Reshaped An Industry Collectors today have so many antique art glass styles to choose from that it’s easy to forget how contemporary the concept of ‘art glass’ really is. Yet a brief look through the types of glass popular with collectors today—such as vaseline glass, depression glass, and carnival glass—reveals…

sommerso italian glass art

Italian Glass Art

The Italian island of Murano is renowned for its historic glass factories, which have prospered in the face of events including World War 2 and the more recent economic downturn. The island is home to iconic and highly reputable brands including Venini, De Biasi and Salviati to name but a few. The glass manufacturers of…

lattimo milk glass

Fenton Art Glass: The History of Milk Glass

From Venice To Fenton Art Glass: The History Of Milk Glass In the world of art glass, much is said about the appeal of whirls of colour and shimmering iridescence; from the many-faceted delights of millefiori to the distracting gasoline glimmer of carnival glass, both collectors and glassmakers have drawn centuries of enjoyment from the…

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