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Bohemian Glass articles that cover its illustrious history and the modern movement

Bohemian buttons moonglow

Antique Art Glass: Bohemian Buttons

When studying antique art glass, it’s easy to get caught up in the grandiosity of it all—towering stained glass windows shattering the sun into a thousand colours, tall vases which swirl with galactic patterns, and great bowls and platters adorned with intricate scenes and figures that hold all the grace of the classical age. There…

czech art glass stepanek

Czech Art Glass

 The Art Nouveau and Art Deco Eras After the Napoleonic wars drew to a close in 1815, Bohemia was once again free to begin a steady ascent toward to the pinnacle of glassmaking, to retake the crown that had by then been passed to England. It would take some time before the Bohemian glass artists…

Bohemian glass

Bohemian Glass: The Enduring Legacy of Czech Art Glass

The term “Bohemian glass” is one that frequently leads to confusion for those just entering the world of art glass collecting; the word “Bohemian” is, after all, most strongly associated today with the romantic 19th century French movement that championed embracing a state of artistic poverty. Yet, upon delving into the realm of Victorian glassware,…

Bohemian Glass Crystal Vases

New Bohemian Crystal Vases

Bohemian Crystal Vases direct from the Bohemian Highlands have arrived in time for Christmas. Boha Glass are proud to announce that we are now UK stockists of these unique handmade Flashing 24% Lead Crystal vases and they will become a firm favorite of fine glass buyers all over the UK. This is our first foray…


A Bohemian Glass Odyssey Through The Ages

Bohemian glass, from the dark hinterland of Olde Worlde Bohemia to the crisp white tables of the European Elite, is a rags to riches story of epic proportions. The journey began in at least the 13th Century when artisans discovered the rich seams of raw materials for glass making in the Bohemian mountains. Within a…

Daniel Stepanek Handmade Glass Vase

New Bohemian Glass – Direct from Bohemia

New Bohemian Glass stock has arrived from our studio glass artist in Bohemia – Daniel Stepanek. Our new Bohemian Range harks back to the early days of studio glass artistry but with a new metallic twist. Bohemia has a long and illustrious history in hand blown glass production and Bohemian glass is reknown around the…

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