Adam Jablonski articles and news about the last few Jablonski pieces left on the open market.

Bohemia and Bohemian Eastern European Glass

The Beginnings of Bohemian Glass Bohemian glass production began in about the 300BC, and by the 10th Century the Bohemian furnaces were producing glass costume jewelry (bijouterie) The expression Bohemian (from bohème, or bohèmien) surfaced around the mid nineteenth century in France in relation to the erroneous idea that freedom-loving gypsy travelers came from Bohemia. Bohemian…

Designer Onaments.

Unique Glass Ornaments by Jablonski

The last few unique glass ornaments ever made by Adam Jablonski have been purchased by us from a Dutch firm. They had bought some fine unique glass ornaments from the studio in the last days of Adam’s tenure before he closed the doors and retired. Many of these glass ornaments are one offs; totally unique…

Glass Paperweights

Glass Paperweights – Last Ones By Jablonski

Glass Paperweights are as popular today as they have ever been and come in a rich variety of shapes and styles. One of the great Eastern European glass paperweight artists – Adam Jablonski – has now retired. He had a wide range of styles and produced masterful glass paperweights encased in glass crystal which gave…

Adam Jablonski Hand Blown Glass

Last few original pieces of Jablonski hand blown glass

Hand Blown Glass disappearing fast! Our hand blown glass original Adam Jablonski pieces are running low ! These handmade glass objects were the very last few pieces made before the factory was sold to a large Polish Glass company. Adam Jablonski has now retired and his Glass Factory has been sold to Makora.  The man built the…

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