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Italian Glass Art

The Italian island of Murano is renowned for its historic glass factories, which have prospered in the face of events including World War 2 and the more recent economic downturn. The island is home to iconic and highly reputable brands including Venini, De Biasi and Salviati to name but a few. The glass manufacturers of […]

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the art of glassblowing

Murano Glass Blowing

The term “Murano glass”, widely used to describe the colourful, intricate pieces that flow out of Italy into the eager hands of collectors even today, does not refer to a specific glass manufacturer; instead, this label is born of location. The Murano islands, a small cluster of land masses that dot the turquoise waters of

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Italian art glass

Italian Art Glass: Recognising and Appreciating the Authentic

  The historic glass factories located on the Italian island of Murano (which has been a centre of glass-making since the Middle Ages) represent one of the last thriving bastions of Old World art glass, having survived both the ravages of World War 2 and the recent global recession. Brands like De Biasi, Gabbiani, Venini,

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