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Seeking Clarity: Unearthing The Secrets of Lead-Barium Glass in China

While Asia is a continent much admired for its long history of artistic and technical achievement, ancient Asian glass craft has largely been overshadowed by more mainstream mediums; the popularity (both within Asia itself and amongst modern collectors) of Asian ceramic wares and metalwork has rendered glass something a footnote. However, though glassmaking got off…

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Glass Art: Early Glass Manufacturing Techniques

In our two most recent pieces, Black Glass: Before There Was Glassblowing and Coloured Glass: Before The Age of Glass Blowing, we examined the motivations (both practical and cultural) which shaped the genesis of glassmaking. We also explored the ancient trade routes that helped to spread glass art around the world, spurring the innovations that…

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Black Glass: Before There Was Glassblowing

How Early Man Used, Traded, and Manufactured Glass Part 1: Origins For centuries, it was believed that our love of glass—like so much of what we enjoy and take for granted today—probably began in ancient Rome. This assumption was largely based upon the writings of the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, who suggested that Phoenician…

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