Uranium Glass

walther sohne uranium vaseline glass nymph vanity tray

Coloured Glass: The Mysterious Glow of Vaseline Glass

While we have previously discussed the safety and basic history of that most enticingly eerie of fin de siecle and early 20th century glass varieties—Uranium or “Vaseline” glass—in our piece Uranium Glass: Haunting Green Beauty, there is much more that remains to be said about this unique and controversial form of art glass. The science…

Vaseline Glass

Uranium Glass: Haunting Green Beauty

When I first heard the term “Uranium Glass,” my initial thought was, perhaps rather predictably, “They didn’t really use uranium in it, did they?” Yes, actually, they did — and it really does glow bright green in the dark, with the application of ultraviolet light (which, incidentally, is usually the best litmus test to identify…

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