Art Deco Glass

Art Deco Oakland Paramount

Art Deco Glass Designs, Metalwork, And Architecture

The year was 1925: The hardships of World War One had given way to a burst of prosperity, stifling Victorian dress had been relegated to the attic in favour of loose, comfortable clothing, and along once-quiet country lanes the roaring of engines could be heard for the first time. Around the world, youth culture had…

czech art glass stepanek

Czech Art Glass

 The Art Nouveau and Art Deco Eras After the Napoleonic wars drew to a close in 1815, Bohemia was once again free to begin a steady ascent toward to the pinnacle of glassmaking, to retake the crown that had by then been passed to England. It would take some time before the Bohemian glass artists…

Art Deco Girl

Art Deco Glass

Art Deco Glass is an amazing array of glass that has become almost as famous as the Art Deco era it envisioned.  Art Deco is a slightly confused term as it was jostling for position with other Art Movements in the inter-war years. It was a half-step away from Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau and…

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