Hand blown glass

Glass made in the furnace by hand by studio glass artists

roman glass bottle

Roman Glass: The Art of Glass Blowing in the Roman Empire

Today, glass is ubiquitous; we see it everywhere we go, bottling items at the supermarket, filling window frames, tumbling from careless hands into ditches, and eventually showing up as polished, colourful pebbles that shimmer across our beaches. Prior to the Romans, however, glass was as rare as gold and precious gemstones owing to the limited…

Adam Jablonski Hand Blown Glass

Last few original pieces of Jablonski hand blown glass

Hand Blown Glass disappearing fast! Our hand blown glass original Adam Jablonski pieces are running low ! These handmade glass objects were the very last few pieces made before the factory was sold to a large Polish Glass company. Adam Jablonski has now retired and his Glass Factory has been sold to Makora.  The man built the…

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