Adam Jablonski Hand Blown Glass

Last few original pieces of Jablonski hand blown glass

Hand Blown Glass disappearing fast!

Our hand blown glass original Adam Jablonski pieces are running low! These handmade glass objects were the very last few pieces made before the factory was sold to a large Polish Glass company.

Adam Jablonski has now retired and his Glass Factory has been sold to Makora.  The man built the company from scratch and carved a name for himself and for Poland as purveyors of some of the finest, most colourful glass that the World has ever seen.

We still have a few hand blown glass pieces left:

lapin glass sculptureHand Blown Decorative Art Glass Vases

Only a few Art Glass Crystal Bowls!

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Jablonski Sculptures

Art Glass Platters

Tall Crystal Objet d’Art

Art Glass Crystal Ornaments

Hand Blown Glass Paperweight

Teardrop Glass Paperweights

Decorative Glass Paperweights

Hurry! These original pieces will never be available for purchase again. They are already worth more than the prices quoted here, and they are guaranteed to be great investments for those looking to purchase antiques in the future.

It is a shame that no one has come forward to pick up where Adam left off. We have hunted high and low throughout Poland, but have not found a single company that is in the same league as Adam Jablonski when it comes to Art Glass.

If you have heard of a rising star that has not come to our attention, please let us know. We are always seeking new talent across the globe.

Boha Glass covers the area left between factory pressed glass and one off art glass that is seen in the finest art glass galleries around the world.

We sell hand-blown glass but we also consider any glass form that has artistic merit. Although, however far and wide we spread our net, we have a soft spot in our hearts for those artists working in the heat of the furnace to produce the finest hand-blown art glass that you will find.

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  1. I always loved Jablonski art glass, but I like Makora glass and really love anything from Jozefina..I wish I could get them in US as easily as I can in Poland.

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