Monart Glass

rare Monart handmade art glass vase

Handmade Art Glass: Monart Glass

Monart Glass: Designs and Production Techniques The designs used for Monart glass pieces are, by and large, typical of the handmade art glass of the era; what truly sets Monart apart from its contemporaries is its use of colour. Monart glass is, for example, much loved by collectors for the distinctive iridising of the white…

Modern Glass Art Monart glass label

Modern Glass Art: Ysart’s Monart Years

Monart glass has, in recent years, finally begun to garner some much-deserved attention on the antique market, with rare pieces fetching as much as £2000 at auction. While this trend reflects an overall growth of interest in, and appreciation for, Scotland’s plentiful contribution to modern glass art, many Scottish glassworks still remain shrouded in great…

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