Based in Whitby, North Yorkshire, Effie Burns looks to capture the transient beauty of nature.  Having completed a BA (hons)  in 3D Design (glass with ceramics), at the University of Sunderland.  Effie went on to complete a Masters in Art in Context.  Between 2004 and 2007 she became a visiting lecturer for the MA Glass course at Sunderland University.  While in 2016, Effie completed a Fellowship with the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Effie can be found scouring the ground, searching for the small detail that makes up nature.  Pinecones, conkers, mushrooms and those small but significant articles that all form part of our living world.  Working with the magical process of glass transformation and the early properties of glass Effie looks to distil nature into something else.

Effie likes to cast these small reflections of nature, looking to reproduce the intimate details of the object.  Using the cast glass method her extraordinary pieces are then presented in glass domes or antique boxes.

Part of  Effie’s childhood was spent living in a museum and since then she has been fascinated by how things are protected, curated and displayed.  A Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust award allowed Effie to develop her making skills in 2012.

Effie’s sculptural work has been in several international exhibitions, including, in shows with Contemporary Applied Arts in London and the Crafts Council in Tokyo.  Various private collections in the UK and Europe also hold some of her work.

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