This is the place to search if you are specifically searching for blue glass ornaments as here we list everything from every category, whether it is a 100% blue ornament or just has a hint of blue within it.
Every blue glass ornament is personally signed by the artist and hand blown to perfection.
Boha Glass have searched the World for the very best glass artists and bring you the most beautiful affordable art glass imaginable. Every unique piece is mouth-blown by highly skilled craftsmen and women.
Blue glass ornaments are a timeless reminder, a luxury gift and a high art form that deserves pride of place in your boardroom or home.
Here you will find everything from Azure to Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue to Royal Blue and every single shade of blue in between.
If you are looking for something more teal then check out the green glass ornaments and for indigo try our purple glass ornaments category.

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  • Amber (14)

  • Aqua (49)

  • Black (59)

  • Blue (500)

  • Brown (31)

  • Clear (108)

  • Cream (3)

  • Gold (26)

  • Green (203)

  • Grey (12)

  • Multicolour (100)

  • Orange (124)

  • Pink (63)

  • Purple (97)

  • Red (115)

  • Silver (4)

  • Teal (16)

  • Turquoise (24)

  • White (62)

  • Yellow (106)

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