If you are specifically looking for Purple Glass ornaments then this is the right category for you. Every piece of art glass that is either completely purple or contains hints of purple can be found here.
Each glass and glass crystal piece has been lovingly hand-wrought by highly skilled artisans from Bohemia and beyond.
Boha glass have roamed the continents looking for the very best glass purple ornaments to put in front of you and have selected the crème de la crème of glass art.
We have labelled all glass in all sections by type, artist and colour to help you find exactly the right piece of glass art for you.
Whether you are looking for a purple glass ornament for a gift, anniversary present, office art or award, you will find a great deal of choice here.
From Amethyst to Indigo. If you are looking for Cerise or Magenta why not check the Red and Pink Glass ornaments categories too.

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  • Amber (12)

  • Aqua (15)

  • Black (19)

  • Blue (93)

  • Brown (6)

  • Clear (26)

  • Gold (10)

  • Green (79)

  • Grey (5)

  • Multicolour (35)

  • Orange (41)

  • Pink (55)

  • Purple (145)

  • Red (57)

  • Silver (2)

  • Teal (7)

  • Turquoise (9)

  • White (20)

  • Yellow (43)

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