There is something very appealing about yellow glass ornaments. They have a fresh and fruity appeal that is unmatched. Perfect for sunny window sills or conservatories where they will shine like golden beacons.
They are supremely popular with flower lovers and work well in homes where your interior designer is looking for a complimentary piece of dazzling glass art to go with their crisp clean room décor.
Every delightful piece of decorative glass is handmade by some of Europe’s leading glass artists and also artists from North America and Canada. Each one has the artists’ signature on the base and is totally unique as every piece is hand blown.
No factory made pieces here – just true artistry and truly talented artists at work. If you are looking to start a glass art collection you are unlikely to do better than begin with a piece from the talented stables of Boha Glass.
For darker yellow shades like Amber and Saffron perhaps you might find something more suitable in the orange glass ornaments section.

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