There is always something quite retro about Brown Glass Ornaments. They have a timeless elegance about them and always remind me of some gorgeous from the roaring twenties. When combined with green they always look for nineteen fifties.
Whether it is a soft, smooth chocolate mocha colour or a warm sepia, you should find something in your favourite shade of brown right here.
From retro to ultra-modern there is plenty to choose from and everything is hand made by highly skilled artisans from right around the globe.
Boha Glass showcase glass artists from across Europe and North America and plan to look even further afield in the very near future. So check back soon for even more art glass treats.
For something more auburn or maroon don’t forget to check out the red glass ornaments section and fro mahogany and tawny shades have a browse through the orange section.

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  • Amber (6)

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  • Black (11)

  • Blue (24)

  • Brown (56)

  • Clear (15)

  • Cream (2)

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  • Green (18)

  • Grey (7)

  • Multicolour (9)

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  • Silver (1)

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  • White (9)

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